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Unlock Huawei Fusion U8652

Category : Unlock Huawei

Easily Unlock Huawei Fusion U8652 Smartphone with Fusion U8652 Unlock Code

At Smartphoneunlockers we provide you with the cheapest unlock code prices and fastest code delivery times since we are the direct source and we directly deal with manufacturer database and network provider databases. So don’t wait now, place your order right away to enjoy an unlocked Huawei within next 24-36 Hrs.

The Huawei unlocking service only takes upto 36hrs which means as soon as your order is completed , your Huawei unlock code would be delivered to your email address.


3 Simple steps to Unlock Huawei Fusion U8652

Now you can instantly unlock Huawei Fusion U8652 with IMEI unlock code and use your Fusion U8652 with any GSM network provider around the world.

1) So to get started all you need is your phone 15 digit IMEI number ( Dial *#06# on your keypad)

2) The network to which your Huawei Fusion U8652 is currently locked with

3) You will receive a corresponding 8 to 16 Digit MEP Huawei Unlock code, The process to unlock Huawei is super easy to follow and even a novice can unlock it with few seconds after receiving the unlock code. So no technical knowledge required, no hardware or software just a simple unlock code. So order now for the fastest code delivery.


Benefits of Unlocking Huawei Fusion U8652:

  1. Use your Fusion U8652 with any network provider around the world that means you can use AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Bell, Telus,Vodafone or any SIM card with your phone.
  2. Unlocking by unlock code is permanent unlocking process; therefore your Fusion U8652 remains unlocked forever.
  3. Fast and easy unlocking process, simply put in the unlock code and your phone is unlocked.
  4. If you are travelling abroad frequently and wish to save money on roaming charges, unlocking your phone is the best option.
  5. All voice and data features can be used after unlocking the phone.
  6. Your purchase is fully covered within our 100% Money back policy if we fail to unlock your Huawei Fusion U8652.


Important Please Read before you order:

  1. Check the number of attempts you have to enter the unlock code, if you have 0 attempts left and you have already ordered refund won’t be processed in this case. Kindly check the number of attempts before Placing An Order by following the instructions to unlock Huawei model till the last step where you will find a number (like “10 attempts left”). Read Terms & Conditions
  2. We insist you check and recheck your IMEI number and network provider details before submitting. Choose the network provider to which your Huawei is locked to currently & not the one you have to use with.